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Spectrum Young Adults Social Club

For adults from ages 21 - 35

Diversity Students

What is Spectrum Young Adults?

Neurodiverse young adults need to make social connections with others their age. Spectrum Young Adults is here to help! This is the grown up version of our youth social club. We teach the same lessons with a more mature tone, and from a more adult perspective. During our spring module on connection, we cover important topics like dating and romantic relationships.  

Enrolling Now!

Summer Fun Game Nights start June 8th

Space is limited, don't miss out!

Click the button below to start your enrollment process today by scheduling your free 1-on-1 meet & greet with a member of our staff. 

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As a NEON vendor, we accept Cuyahoga County Board of DD family supports payments.

See what our membership includes:

Weekly 1-hour Group Coaching Lessons

From August through may , 1 hour per week is a group lesson. Our social coaching curriculum is more effective than typical social skills programs.


We cover 4 modules:


August - October

  1. What is a reputation and why does it matter?

  2. Group vs. Alone Behavior

  3. Creating a reputation for being smart (part 1)

  4. Creating a reputation for being smart (part 2)

  5. Creating a reputation for being funny

  6. Creating a reputation for being kind

  7. Giving feedback to others

  8. Receiving feedback from others

Weekly 1-hour Game Sessions

Game time is facilitated by our coaches & assistant coaches. For the first part of the hour, we challenge the students with fun twists to game play designed to help develop executive functioning & social skills. For the second part, they have free play time. The only rule is nobody plays alone. 

Monthly 2-hour Member Social

Once a month, we host a party! No work here, just a chance to hang out and have some fun. We even celebrate birthdays together!

Summer Fun Nights

Not even grown ups want to have classes in the summer! During our summer module, class time is replaced by an extra hour of games and activities. 

Parent Benefits

Parents of young adults need friends too! That's why we included some benefits for your parents in our membership package. Here is what  they can enjoy:

Monthly 1-hour Parent Social

Gather with other Spectrum parents from both the youth and young adult groups to socialize, enjoy some snacks, and have a brief discussion about a topic of choice requested by you.

Private Facebook Group

You have exclusive access to our private Facebook group created strictly for parents/guardians of Spectrum students.

  • Weekly update from us on the curriculum being covered

  • Discussion Forum - Ask a question to the group, or share helpful information

  • Photos

  • Updates 

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