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What people are saying about us...

Comments from Lisa's coaching clients:

"My husband and I worked with Lisa on family goals to help our teenage children (and ourselves honestly) to take better care of our home and surroundings. Lisa always listened very carefully and acknowledged our concerns. She then worked with us to devise experiments to help us move towards our goals. As a group, our family and Lisa were able to try new things to help us move towards a laundry room that was no longer towering!

Throughout the process, we learned how to give things a try, shuffle them off if they didn't work (and don't get too down about it), and how to support each other as partners, parents, and members of a family community. I highly recommend her as a coach if you want to learn how to work better together as a family unit. She is so kind, upbeat, and wise. We really appreciated her perspective as a parent and her open minded stance. I can't say enough good things about this most joyful coach!!! We love her for this and for helping us grow. "

- J. K.   

Anytime, Anywhere

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Spectrum Social is a licensed and certified administrator of the Starfish Social curriculum created by Special Needs Educator Steph West.

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