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We help neurodivergent youth & young adults
make and KEEP friends!


We also help parents thrive - not just survive!

Socially Neglected
  • Known to be "shy"

  • Doesn't know how to start or join conversations

  • Spends most of their time alone or with adults, not peers

  • Gets along with peers, but doesn't have real friends

Socially Rejected
  • Often seen as annoying

  • Can be seen as "too much" or overwhelming

  • Struggles with emotional regulation

  • Able to join group activities, but it often doesn't last long

  • Trouble maintaining friendships

Is this your child?

Good news,
we can help!

Volunteeer with us!
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Our students become:  

Socially competent: They gain social awareness as they learn to recognize what helps, and what hurts their reputation. 

Social Club is awesome!
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Socially confident: Weekly game nights, and monthly socials provide lots of opportunities to practice in a safe and understanding environment.

Socially connected: As they give and receive caring

peer feedback, our students develop genuine, caring friendships with one another. 

Meet Our Staff

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Something for everyone!

Youth Social Club
  • For Neurodiverse Youth Ages 7 - 21

  • Weekly Game Nights & Classes

  • Monthly Socials

Play~N~Learn Club
  • For All Children Ages 3 - 6

  • Parent & Child Classes

  • 45-Minute Weekly Class

Parent Programs
  • Private Parent Coaching

  • Skill Workshops & Socials

Summer Camp
  • For 1st - 12th Graders

  • Monday - Friday

  • 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Young Adult Social Club
  • Neurodiverse Individuals Ages 21 - 35

  • Weekly Game Nights & Classes

  • Monthly Socials

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