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We help neurodivergent youth & young adults
make and KEEP friends!


We also help parents thrive - not just survive!

Social Club is awesome!
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Socially Neglected
  • Known to be "shy"

  • Doesn't know how to start or join conversations

  • Spends most of their time alone or with adults, not peers

  • Gets along with peers, but doesn't have real friends

Socially Rejected
  • Often seen as annoying

  • Can be seen as "too much" or overwhelming

  • Struggles with emotional regulation

  • Able to join group activities, but it often doesn't last long

  • Trouble maintaining friendships

Is this your child?

Good news,
we can help!

Parent Testimonial

"But my kid isn’t on the spectrum. Why would my child need this club? The learning activities at Spectrum Social Club are designed to provide tools and feedback for developing life skills to handle “stressful” social situations with poise and confidence.  

We enrolled our son in the program because he was feeling uncertainty with where he fit in with his peer group. A scan of the lunchroom alone triggered anxiety about which table to sit at or not. Since joining Spectrum Social Club, our son has found the clarity he needs to feel comfortable in the not so comfortable situations. He has learned valuable communication tools, gained new insights and is more self-assured. In his words, 'It is great.. the people are really nice!'

If you are looking for a club for everyone, Spectrum Social Club is a great place to start."

Elisa Guritza

Our students become:  

Socially competent: They gain social awareness as they learn to recognize what helps, and what hurts their reputation. 

Socially confident: Weekly game nights, and monthly socials provide lots of opportunities to practice in a safe and understanding environment.

Socially connected: As they give and receive caring

peer feedback, our students develop genuine, caring friendships with one another. 

Meet Our Staff

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Something for everyone!

Youth Social Club
  • For Neurodiverse Youth Ages 7 - 21

  • Weekly Game Nights & Classes

  • Monthly Socials

Play~N~Learn Club
  • For All Children Ages 3 - 6

  • Parent & Child Classes

  • 45-Minute Weekly Class

Parent Programs
  • Private Parent Coaching

  • Skill Workshops & Socials

Summer Camp
  • For 1st - 12th Graders

  • Monday - Friday

  • 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Young Adult Social Club
  • Neurodiverse Individuals Ages 21 - 35

  • Weekly Game Nights & Classes

  • Monthly Socials

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