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Spectrum Youth Social Club

For youth ages 7 - 21

Is Spectrum Social Club right for your child?

What's included:
  • 1-Hour group lesson every week
  • 1-Hour game time every week
  • Private parent Facebook group
  • Option to attend our exclusive members-only monthly social (extra cost)
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 Smooth Sailing Relation-Ships 

March - May

Week 1: Strangers

Week 2: Aquaintances

Week 3: Team-Ships

Week 4: Club-Ships

Week 5: Friend-Ships

Week 6: Kin-Ships

Week 7: Partner_Ships

Week 8: Lifeboats

Full 8 Week Module: $475
Finance: $168 for 3 Months


We accept NEON funding! If you would like to arrange for your child to join our next module through NEON, please email us your request here: 

Talk to us!

Schedule a phone call or brief virtual face-to-face meeting with us, and find out if Spectrum is right for you and your child.

Our next 8-Week module begins in August.

More information coming soon!

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