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9 Signs You'll Find Your Tribe at Spectrum Social.

Honestly, our programs here at Spectrum Social Club would be beneficial to just about anyone. In fact, when describing our program to adults, I often get the reply, “Wow, my coworkers really need to learn this stuff!” I’ve also been asked, “Can you teach it to my husband?” However, there are two main categories of children our program particularly is designed for.

Our program is ideal for children who fit the characteristics of either the socially neglected or rejected. Often, these children have a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, or social anxiety, or another learning or developmental difference. However, other children also struggle with social interaction too. Do any of the following traits sound familiar?

Does your child fit any of these 4 attributes of socially neglected kiddos?

1. Generally known to be “shy”

2. Not skilled at starting or joining conversations with peers

3. Often spends recess or lunch alone, or with adults rather than peers

4. Gets along with peers; but does not have any genuine friends

Or, does your child fit any of the remaining 5 attributes of socially rejected kiddos?

5. Is generally known to be “annoying”

6. Is often considered to be “too much,” or overwhelms others

7. Struggles to regulate their emotions

8. Is able to fit into a group, but only for short periods of time

9. Has difficulty keeping friendships

If your child exhibits any or all of those signs, welcome, you have found your tribe! We are moms of kiddos just like yours, and we are here to help you and your child in any way we can. Whether you are looking for support for yourself, or social connections and guidance for your child, we would love to help! If you would like to know more, please contact us to schedule a free 15-minute, virtual meeting.

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