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Spectrum Monthly Socials

What happens at the monthly socials?

Each month we offer a separate social gathering for each of our social clubs, as well as for the parents of our club members. These gatherings are open only to those with active memberships. Sign-ups are required for anyone planning to attend the socials in order for us to have a head-count. Socials are included in the full membership package. Basic membership includes the student social only, and the limited membership does not include the socials. However, drop-in rates are available for those who wish to attend.

Youth Club Social

($25 drop-in rate)

Our youth club social allows our students a time to freely socialize with one another and, whenever possible, with trained neurotypical peer volunteers. We celebrate any student birthdays for the month with cupcakes. We also provide a snack and beverage. The kids can play games or just hang out. Sometimes, we may have low-volume music and dancing available, depending on majority preference. However, in those instances we will also provide a quiet space for students who don't want to hear the music. 

Young Adult Social

($20 drop-in rate)

Our young adult social is a bit more grown-up than our youth social.  It is a time for the members to socialize with one another in a relatively unstructured way. We do kick things off with an ice-breaker activity, but the rest of the time, members are free to hang out, play games, or dance if the majority is ok with low-volume music.  In those instances, a quiet space will be available for those who don't want to hear the music. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided. Unlike our youth social, we do not invite neurotypical peers. Our YA social is strictly for members. 

Parent Social

($15 drop-in rate)

Our parent socials are a time for friendship, networking, and support. If interest is expressed, we may provide a short, optional, structured discussion around a particular topic. Simple hors d'oeuvres and coffee, tea, and water are provided. Parents are also welcome to play games!

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